Kind-hearted motorist helps a dozen ducks to safety


Why did the duck cross the road? No, this isn't the lead-up to some awful cracker joke punch line but a genuine question posed by drivers in Houston when a brace of ducks decided to hold up traffic.

This incident occurred earlier this week on a busy stretch of road leading into Houston City.

Captured on the dashcam of motorist Hank Schyma, the video shows cars crawling to a stop as something blocks the road ahead.

Kind-hearted Hank then undertakes traffic, which seems to be ignoring the feathery problem facing the commuters, parks his vehicle and hops out to help the beaked beings.

The dashcam footage shows Hank expertly shepherding a brace of ducks to safety by waving his arms wildly in their direction until they begin to waddle away.

Thankfully, the danger-loving ducks quickly get the message and scarper to shelter, allowing the flow of traffic to resume.

You can watch the quackers events unfold in the video above.

Written by Leon Poultney