Flipping heck! Bin lorry rescue goes wrong


We have no idea how the poor saps in this video managed to overturn their bin lorry (or garbage truck, as the video was captured in the US of A) but there was no need for a two team to add insult to injury.

The video shows the aftermath of said accident and a hapless tow truck crew attempting to right the overturned waste disposal vehicle.

It all seemed to be going so well, with the tow team slowly inching the stranded lorry back onto its wheels before it all goes horribly and terribly wrong.

An onlooker can be heard exclaiming, "holy cr*p!" before the giant refuse collector temporarily bounces back onto all six wheels before spectacularly flipping onto its other side i.e. the side that wasn't previously damaged.

A loud crunch can be heard and the shattering of glass hangs in the cold night air before rescue workers can be heard uttering expletives and working out how to sort out the mess.

Thankfully, emergency services were on hand to block the road and prevent other motorists from being caught in the carnage.

Written by Leon Poultney