Subaru Impreza stars in homemade Gymkhana video

Practically all petrolheads will be familiar with the name Ken Block, the man behind the incredible Gymkhana series.

These epic films see the talented Mr Block drive a number of high-performance cars on the absolute limit, while showing off his jaw-dropping talent behind the wheel with numerous jumps, powerslides and drifts.

Now it would seem he has inspired others to follow his lead. Tyler Witte, a 29-year-old stunt driver from Atlanta, has used a stripped-out Subaru Impreza to make his very own, homemade Gymkhana video.

The YouTube clip shows Witte tearing around a heavy machinery yard, performing some impressive stunts along the way.

While the video, which is simply titled 'Dream it, built it, shred it' isn't made with the same sort of budget that Block's Gymkhana movies are made on, it's still hugely impressive. And Witte clearly has some skills behind the wheel.

Watch the video in full below.

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