Biker keeps his cool following near miss


A biker has shown incredible reserve after he went to see if the driver of a car that nearly crashed into him was all okay.

Helmetcam footage shows the biker pull into a residential street and accelerate up to speed before he is suddenly forced to swerve to avoid a car that was pulling out directly into his path.

Following the near miss, the biker parks up and walks over to the driver of the car to see if she is alright, and graciously accepts her apology.

The unidentified biker uploaded the footage to YouTube on May 1, writing: "I'm just as guilty as anyone else for getting pissed off on the roads. It's the anonymity of the situation; You don't always view the people in cars around you as people, more as just cars. It's a lot easier to blame someone, or become aggressive, if you don't see past that barrier.

"At the end of the day, I was fine, the natural response was to swerve, so I came out of it okay. If I had chosen in that split second to brake instead of swerve and ride it out, I probably would have gone over her bonnet."