Terrifying taxi explosion caught on video


This is the harrowing moment a flaming taxi exploded as firefighters attempted to control the blaze.

Video footage recorded in Singapore on April 30 shows the brave firefighter getting incredibly close to the burning vehicle as he douses it with water.

Without warning, the taxi suddenly explodes while the firefighter is standing mere metres away from it.

Thankfully, no one was killed in the massive explosion, although four people were injured – including the firefighter and the taxi driver.

Singapore's prime minister took to Facebook to praise the efforts of the firefighters writing: "We often see Singapore Civil Defence Force officers running toward danger to save lives and help others.

"This video of the burning taxi which exploded yesterday shows two brave firefighters battling the fire before the taxi exploded.

"Good to learn that the firefighter caught in the blast is ok. He only suffered minor burns, and has been discharged. Hope he and the others injured recover soon."