Electric Nissan Leaf to take on 10,000-mile Mongol Rally

A Nissan Leaf will become the first all-electric car to take on the infamous 10,000-mile Mongol Rally this summer.

Called the Leaf AT-EV, the specially modified hatchback boasts a range of 155 miles, and has been fitted with a number of upgrades to help it better tackle the often gruelling surfaces encountered between the UK and Mongolia.

The EV has been entered into the competition by Plug In Adventures, a Scottish organisation that was formed to promote the benefits of electric vehicles. The Leaf has been fitted with narrow wheels and tyres, while welded metal plates help to protect its wishbones. A large sump guard helps to protect the underside of the car, even though the Leaf doesn't actually have an oil sump.

A roof rack has been fitted with a high-power LED lightbar to aid driver visibility when the light starts to fade.

Gareth Dunsmore, director of electric vehicles for Nissan Europe, said: "Since we launched the Leaf in 2010, our customers have collectively driven over three billion kilometres, saving more than 500 million kilograms of CO2 emissions in the process. Our 'Electrify the World' initiative connects stories from these people who are living an electric lifestyle.

"Few Nissan Leaf owners have been more vocal or accomplished as Plug In Adventures at demonstrating that electric vehicles can do so much more than the daily commute. We applaud this ambitious driving challenge and wish them a safe and enjoyable journey."

The 10,000-mile Mongol Rally started in 2004 as a charity drive. It was set up by The Adventurists – a group who claim to be dedicated to making the world a less boring place. They have managed to raise £5 million for charity to date.

Electric Nissan Leaf to take on 10,000-mile Mongol Rally 
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Electric Nissan Leaf to take on 10,000-mile Mongol Rally 

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