Scotland Yard to splash £1.6m on new Range Rovers


Scotland Yard are set to spend up to £1.6 million on a fleet of luxurious new Range Rovers to help counter the "increased threat of terrorism".

As many as 30 new Range Rovers will expand the current fleet of the Royalty and Specialist Protection group, and will help increase the protection of Royals, government ministers and high-profile individuals from terror attacks.

According to the Evening Standard, the vehicles will be fitted with specialist operational equipment and only qualified officers will have permissions to drive them.

The newspaper reported that a Scotland Yard spokesperson had said the Range Rovers would be used for counter terrorism, but couldn't go into detail about their specification.

They said: "All vehicles are assessed for operational suitability to ensure they perform to the required standards and can carry the full range of operation equipment.

"Once in receipt of the vehicles they will have additional police equipment installed, for example Airwave radio and emergency warning equipment.

"Only Met employees who have undertaken the necessary driver training and familiarisation will be permitted to drive them. We anticipate these vehicles to enter operational service by autumn this year."

Metropolitan Police Federation chairman Ken Marsh told the Standard: "There's a good reason why these cars are needed.

"They're also important for tactical pursuit.

"We have seen in recent weeks why this sort of equipment is important. This goes along with all the equipment required to do the job correctly.

"It's like having the correct body armour, the right guns and all the other equipment that goes with it. This is certainly something we welcome."

Documents detailing the tender reveal Jaguar Land Rover was awarded the contract in favour of Audi and Mitsubishi – who had offered the force the Q7 Quattro SE and Shogun SG2 and SG3 respectively.