Biker flips over handlebars in shocking video


A learner biker has taken a painful tumble after attempting to filter through stationary traffic in London.

Dashcam footage captured the unfortunate moment the motorcyclist locked his front brakes and was flipped over the handlebars as he attempted to prevent himself from rear-ending another bike.

Mark Knight, 37, from Hampshire, recorded the accident on his dashcam while stuck in standstill traffic near Tower Bridge.

He told The Sun: "The rider was filtering through stationary traffic at above 20mph and he started to slow before he passed my vehicle.

"He then locked on his front brakes and flipped over before the bike landed on him.

"I think the bus had a small amount of damage."

Knight said that he and his friend got out of their car to go to the aid of the fallen biker, before phoning the ambulance and the police.

It isn't clear whether the motorcyclist suffered any injuries.