This Mini concept car changes colour according to the driver's mood

Mini has showcased its car of the future as part of its 'Next 100' campaign, and it has a rather clever trick up its sleeve.

Aptly named MiniVision Next 100, various parts of the bodywork are designed to change colour thanks to a special material.

It can change from the standard silver to whatever colour the driver wants.

Andy Warming, head of the Mini design studio, said: "The Mini of the future embodies a totally new form of shared mobility – sustainable, emotional and inspirational.

"The driving experience forms the centrepiece and is surrounded by other intelligent services."

As well as having chameleon-like qualities, the car has a futuristic design with power-sliding doors and the ability to move both the steering wheel and pedals from one side of the car to the other – ideal for continental driving.

It can also be personalised for different drivers to suit whoever is behind the wheel. The car can identify each individual that is driving and will adjust the lighting, steering wheel and other personal settings accordingly.

Mini designed the car to be as environmentally friendly as possible, so makes use of recycled plastic and aluminium to create the floor area, roof lining, and side panels.

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