Mother elephant and calf charge safari car in 'cutest attack ever'


A safari tour group got the shock of a lifetime, when a mother elephant and her calf charged at their vehicle.

Footage recorded in South Africa's Kruger National Park earlier this month shows a small herd of elephants standing in the road within the reserve.

While the group observes the massive animals, one of the older elephants starts running towards their vehicle, and is quickly followed by its small calf.

Seeing the charging elephants, the driver of the vehicle quickly reverses away.

In what has been labelled the "cutest elephant attack ever" the baby elephant can be heard trumpeting at the fleeing vehicle, copying its mother.

According to the Daily Mail, the person who recorded the encounter wrote online: "Our guide thought that there could be a problem as soon as we came upon the group.

"He told us that we may have to reverse quickly to leave them alone. How right he was.

"This might be the cutest elephant attack ever."