Estonian cops ram motorcyclist in dramatic police chase


This is the disturbing moment a speeding motorcyclist and his passenger were rammed by a police van following a high speed chase in Estonia.

The biker was clocked travelling at speeds up to 124mph in the city of Tallinn on April 21, and tried to evade police after they attempted to pull him over.

This led police on a wild chase through the city streets, with the biker – who had a passenger riding pillion – even mounting the pavement during his attempt to evade the law.

Following the crash, the biker's female passenger can be heard swearing at police, accusing them of trying to murder them by crashing their vehicle into the fleeing bike.

The male biker had reportedly already had his licence revoked for previous speeding offences, which lead him to attempt to evade police custody.

Watch the video below, but be warned, it does contain coarse language.