Trapped car dragged down highway by oblivious truck driver


Shocking footage from the United States has captured the moment a car was dragged down a motorway after it became wedged in a truck's rear wheel.

The video was recorded on Wednesday by Brian Steimke, who spotted the Nissan Maxima being pulled along the Californian freeway by the oblivious truck driver.

As Steimke pulls up alongside the car, the driver can be seen waving his hand out of the window in an attempt to catch the trucker's attention and get him to stop the big rig. The driver can be heard yelling "he's not stopping" out the window.

The Nissan has clearly suffered some serious damage, as its windshield and front end have both been destroyed, while its airbags had also deployed. Luckily, the driver seems to be okay.

When the truck is eventually stopped by another motorist, Steimke confronts the trucker, asking: "Why were you driving so far?"

The unidentified trucker clearly has no idea of the situation, and can be heard saying he "didn't know" he had been dragging the Nissan along behind him.

The video does not make it clear how the car came to be stuck under the truck, although no one seems to have been seriously injured in the incident.