Left-handed drivers involved in more accidents, study finds


Left-handed drivers are more likely to be involved in a serious accident than their right-handed counterparts, a study has revealed.

The survey of 1,400 drivers also found that while lefties are more likely to be hit with speeding fines and parking tickets, they also have a higher chance of passing their driving test on the first attempt.

The study, which was commissioned by Privilege Car Insurance, found that left-handers were involved in an average of nine significant incidents over the course of their 60-year "driving life-time", compared with an average of eight for right-handed motorists.

When it comes to speeding fines, 28 per cent of left-handers claimed to have received one, as opposed to 19 per cent of right-handers. Another 26 per cent admitted to being hit with a parking fine, compared with 23 per cent of right-handed drivers.

The study concluded: "Right-handers rule the road. Right-handed people are better drivers than their left-handed counterparts.

It then went on to add: "Overall, though, left-handers are more likely to pass their test first time round. They also tend to have fewer minor bumps and scratches in the car than right-handers."

Charlotte Fielding, head of car insurance at Privilege, said: "There are lots of theories about whether or not being left-handed or right-handed affects your intelligence, creativity and artistic ability – so we wanted to examine this theory amongst drivers.

"While it's interesting to see that right-handers have come out on top almost across the board, people can rest assured that we won't be amending our policies to take this detail into account anytime soon."