Flying cars could be here sooner than you think


It would seem that flying cars are just around the corner and could be on our roads – and skies – as soon as 2020.

Slovakian start-up AeroMobil showcased its unique hybrid, called the AeroMobil Flying Car, at Top Marques Monaco.

In car mode, the bizarre-looking vehicle's wings are tucked back along its flanks, and it is limited to a considerable top speed of 100mph.

Switch to flight mode, however, and the wings extend out of the vehicle's sides in preparation for take-off. A rear-mounted propeller allows the flying car to reach a maximum speed of more than 450mph while in the air.

Impressively, the conversion from car mode to plane mode only takes three minutes.

One of the largest challenges developers are facing is occupant safety. Simon Rooms, head of engineering at AeroMobil explained that the vehicle needs to be "at least as safe as a car and at least as safe as a plane".

Those looking to get their hands on a Flying Car will need a driving licence, a flying licence as well as more than €1 million.