Cyclist flipped on to car roof after crash

This is the incredible moment a cyclist was hit by a turning car, launching him into the air before landing spectacularly on the car's roof.

The bizarre footage was recorded on Wednesday, April 19, in the Australian city of Melbourne. It shows the cyclist moving at speed along a busy road before a hatchback turned right and cut him off, causing the cyclist to plough into its left door.

Miraculously, the cyclist somehow managed to land on the car's roof after being tossed in the air, which then pulled over to the side of the road.

The elderly driver can be seen getting out of the white Honda to talk to the cyclist, who was visibly shaken following the shocking crash.

The biker remains on the car's roof for a time, rubbing his legs and likely taking stock of the death-defying crash he was just involved in.

Bystanders can later be seen coming to the cyclist's aid, with one man helping him down from the Honda's roof.
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