Mercedes makes bold styling statement with the Concept A


Mercedes' new Concept A marks a move to a simpler and more elegant design language in the future.

Many modern cars feature striking, angular designs, but the latest generation of Mercedes vehicles have been slightly softer than most rivals. And the German manufacturer will take this design ethos even further in the future, as demonstrated by the Concept A saloon, which has been revealed at the Shanghai motor show.

Gorden Wagener, chief design officer at Mercedes' parent company Daimler, said: "Our Concept A Sedan shows that the time of creases is over."

While a simple crease at the top and bottom of the car's side profile prove that "the time of creases" isn't completely over, the saloon is refreshingly simple in its design. Most notable are a subtle 'power bulge' on the bonnet and another crease that runs from the headlight to the A-pillar.

Mercedes makes bold styling statement with the concept A

Mercedes makes bold styling statement with the concept A

Mercedes continues to push forward with the large oval-shaped 'Panamericana' grille at the front of the car, which looks like it will become even more prominent going forward. Meanwhile, the lower section of the front bumper is dominated by large air intakes.

Expect the angular, triangle-shaped headlights to become a feature of future Mercedes. However, the UV paint-coated lamps that shine in different colours depending on the light outside almost certainly won't make it to showrooms.

The Concept A is likely to see production as the next-generation CLA. Aside from the UV light technology, it's mostly free from show car gimmicks, so expect few changes before the car goes on sale in the next year or so.