Watch this biker swerve to avoid a lunging snake

This biker had a close call with the local wildlife while riding in Thailand.

Video recorded from a car following behind shows the biker calmly driving along a quiet road, when all of a sudden he is forced to take emergency evasive action.

As the driver with the camera gets closer to the scene, it becomes apparent why the rider had swerved left – a huge snake was lying in the road.

Incredibly, as the lead biker rides past the serpent, it lunges for him. He lifts his legs in the hope of avoiding being bitten and gets away with it – just.

However, the snake isn't so lucky, as the car following behind appears to run it over.

In 2015, nearly 10,000 people were bitten by snakes in Thailand, with as many as 100 deaths as a result.

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