Traffic warden parks illegally to ticket van on double yellow lines


A brazen traffic warden has been filmed illegally parking on a junction before ticketing another motorist who left their van on double yellow lines.

Jim Jones recorded the encounter on March 27, which took place in Maidstone, as he was waiting to pick up a friend from a nearby industrial estate.

Jones told The Sun that the warden had ditched her car in order to ticket a van that was parked on double yellow lines across the street.

He said: "While sat in my car waiting for a colleague to receive a work medical I saw the warden approach the junction in her vehicle, look left and right and then yank her head to the right all of a sudden

"With that she dumped her vehicle on the junction illegally also in yellow lines although faded and proceeded to cross the road.

"It didn't take a genius to figure out she was off to ticket someone. If you have to do the job, do it right!"

According to The Sun, APCOA Parking defended the warden's actions, saying she "was on duty and not parked in contravention".