Toyota shows off Tonka-style FT-4X in New York


Toyota has pulled the covers off a quirky new concept that looks as though it has been pulled straight out of the Tonka toy catalogue.

Called the FT-4X Concept, the new SUV has been designed to target young, urban-dwelling millennials who regularly embark on "casualcore" outdoor expeditions such as dinner on the beach or overnight camping trips.

Revealed at the New York International Auto Show, Toyota says that the FT-4X's aesthetic embodies what it calls "Rugged Charm", which emphasises simplicity, capability, durability and Toyota lineage.

The vehicle was penned by Toyota's Calty Design Research Inc. Commenting on the FT-4X's look, chief designer Ian Cartabiano said: "You can really tell that we had a blast designing the FT-4X because it looks fun to use and fun to drive.

"I love this idea of mechanical satisfaction because while we're living in today's digital world, we took something that's based on physical movements and made that a large part of what this vehicle is. We want everyone to interact with this car and feel a sense of delight and excitement."

Beneath its rugged exterior, Toyota has given the concept SUV a multi-tool cabin. This "rolling gear box" includes an ultra-compact North Face sleeping bag between the front seats, and removable door grips that also double as water bottles. There's also loads of storage for outdoor gear, as well as drying space for wet equipment.

While the FT-4X is only a concept, Toyota has said that it could potentially use a small-capacity four-cylinder engine. The Japanese firm also sees it equipped with mechanical four-wheel drive as well as a selectable low-range gearbox to help it tackle tough terrain.

Toyota shows off Tonka-style FT-4X in New York

Toyota shows off Tonka-style FT-4X in New York