Cyclist accuses policeman of 'passing too closely'


A video showing a confrontation between a cyclist and a police officer, has gone viral.

Evo Lucas had been riding along a narrow 20mph road in London on his way to work when the incident occurred.
In the video, a police car is seen overtaking Lucas, who felt the pass was too close to him, and can be heard shouting "excuse me".

As the police car slows, the officer driving asks if the rider wants to pull over, after which an argument ensues.

The officer accuses Lucas of deliberately cycling in the middle of the road, despite the Highway Code stating that he is legally able to do so.

Many viewers have taken to Twitter and Facebook to voice their feelings, many of whom comment that the police officer is in the wrong and is in fact breaching the Highway Code himself.

As the incident develops, the officer is heard asking mr Lucas to take on board what he is saying, to which Lucas replies: "You take on board you were driving too closely sir".