Marshal shunted across street during Manchester marathon

Shocking footage from Manchester shows the moment a marathon marshal was pushed across a road on the bonnet of a car.

The man, who was a volunteer at last weekend's Asics Greater Manchester Marathon, was shunted by a red Peugeot 108, which was trying to pass through the bollards that blocked the road.
The footage, which was shot by an onlooker, shows four marshals arguing with the driver and another woman, before two drivers sneak into the area that has been cordoned off.

According to the newspaper, many roads across the Trafford area of Manchester had been closed because of the Marathon, which took place on Sunday.

As the altercation between motorists and marshals continues, one woman can be heard saying: "We need to go through we need to get home."

Another woman then says: "There's a way to go through, go that way. No. Go round the motorway. Go the way you're supposed to go."

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