Footage shows man taped to moving car after losing bet


Video from America shows a man being taped to the side of a 4x4 and driven along the freeway after losing a bet.

The footage, which shows the man standing on the Jeep Wrangler's running boards as he is taped to the B-pillar before being driven along the multi-lane road, was shot by his friends.

It seems the group regularly have similar bets, although there's no indication of which wager spawned this particular forfeit.

In the film, the man can be seen holding on to the side of the vehicle as it hits speeds of almost 50mph while negotiating traffic.

Far from being terrified, the man seems to enjoy the ride, and encourages his friends to record the speeds achieved. Towards the end of the video, he seems to let go of the vehicle to swear at other road users.