London bus driver's epic fail caught on camera


This is the unfortunate moment a hapless bus driver managed to get his double-decker bus stuck on a narrow London street.

Video footage that was filmed on the street in Cornhill, near Bank station, shows pedestrians flocking around to watch the embarrassed driver try and get his vehicle unstuck.

Bystander Adrian Brailsford even compared the hilarious incident to a scene from the Austin Powers films, where the comedic spy gets a vehicle wedged in a corridor.

He told the London Evening Standard: "I imagine the bus would be considerably more difficult to manoeuvre, so it's a good job Austin Powers wasn't behind the wheel.

"It was trying to do a three-point turn but the back mounted the kerb. The wheels were spinning round and round.

"The passengers didn't seem to mind rolling up their sleeves and lending a helping hand. People seemed quite amused by it all. Some were stopping and taking photos."

A spokesman from Transport for London reportedly apologised to passengers, and cited "diversions" in the area being the reason for the driver's failed manoeuver.