Daredevil flips over speeding BMW i8 sports car

This is the terrifying moment a daredevil stuntman somersaults over a speeding BMW i8 sports car.

During the film, Oleg Sherstyachenko, 25, can be seen running towards the blue BMW, which was travelling at 60mph, before launching himself into the air and flipping over the car.
The i8 was being driven by Russian social media star Amiran Sardarov, who looked visibly shaken following the unbelievable stunt.

A slow-motion replay of the flip shows just how close the athlete came to clipping the speeding vehicle.

Sherstyachenko, who hails from the Russian city of Yekaterinburg, has been practicing free-running, or parkour, from the age of 14 and has subsequently become something of an internet sensation.

This latest performance will only add to his fame, as the clip went viral immediately after it was uploaded to social media.

It is unclear whether Sardarov would have faced criminal charges if the stunt went wrong and he ended up hitting Sherstyachenko.
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