Biker stopped in his tracks by flying mattress


A biker in Brisbane is likely to be having sleepless nights after an unsecured mattress flew off the back of a pick-up truck and knocked him off his bike.

The motorcyclist was riding through a tunnel in the city on the west coast of Australia when the bedding flew across the carriageway and hit the front of the bike at 50mph.

Fortunately, rather than hitting the rider, the mattress went under the bike's front wheel and lodged itself under the engine, gradually slowing the bike. As it ground to a halt, the rider dismounted.

Passing motorists stopped in the tunnel to come to the stricken rider's aid, although pictures taken after the event show the mattress firmly wedged in behind the wheel.

According to the Press Association, the driver of the pick-up truck was fined AUS$275 (£167) for the unsecured load.