Angry actress smashes up Mercedes with golf club


Shocking footage from Kazakhstan shows the moment a livid actress smashed up her producer's Mercedes in a row about the scenes included in their film.

According to the Daily Mail, Sivi Makhmoudi, a Kazakh singer and actress, stopped producer Renat Basit's car in the road and smashed it with the golf club because she was furious about the erotic scenes that had appeared in the final cut of the film.

A passer-by filmed as Makhmoudi approaches the car, before shouting at the driver as he tried to get away. The star then proceeded to smash the windows and bash the Mercedes' windscreen.

A spokesperson for the film told the Daily Mail: "The conflict between the two happened due to the movie. Renat Basit allowed parts of the movie that were banned by Ms Makhmoudi before it went out to retailers. She hadn't seen the final version and it's too late to change things now."