Driver who purposely swerved into bikers sentenced to 15 years in prison

A Texan driver who intentionally swerved into a passing motorcyclist and their passenger has been sentenced to 15 years in prison.

William Sam Crum, 69, was convicted of two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in the 335th District Court in Hood County, Texas, on March 30.
In 2015, video footage of the horrific crash went viral, during which Crum can be heard saying "I don't care" when he was confronted by another biker.

The motorbike he crashed into was being ridden by Eric Sanders, 37, and his pillion passenger Deborah Simpson, 38. Both were injured in the crash, and Simpson spent time in the intensive care unit of Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth.

Following his arrest on October 19, 2015, Crum claimed that a spider had bitten him, causing him to momentarily lose control of his car. He also argued that the crash would never have happened if Sanders hadn't tried to overtake him on a no-pass stretch of road.

According to Hood County News, Crum's request for probation to care for his disabled wife was rejected by the jury.

Watch the footage of the terrifying crash below, but be warned – it does contain coarse language.

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