Watch as woman fights carjacker with petrol


Shocking video footage from Massachusetts captured the moment a woman fought a carjacker with a petrol pump.

The woman was filling her red SUV at a petrol station in Tewksbury, north-west of Boston, when the man jumped into the car and attempted to drive away.

However, the woman sprayed him with fuel from the pump, before appearing to struggle with the man. Eventually, though, she was overpowered and dragged across the forecourt.

According to local media, she immediately ran inside the petrol station, asking for help.

"When she wasn't paying attention, pumping her own gas, he just hopped right in and tried to take off with it. He tried to close the door and she fought back," an attendant told Fox25. "She said that her car got stolen, someone took off with her car."

Local police have appealed for information regarding the carjacker, who they believe is 32-year-old William Tighe, of Starbird Avenue, Tewksbury, Massachusetts.