Plane lands on motorway after engine fault


Dramatic footage from Spain shows the moment an aeroplane landed on a motorway near Barcelona after developing an engine fault.

The single-engined, high-winged ultralight touched down on a slip road on the AP-7 between Cardedeu and Llinars del Valles on Sunday, avoiding traffic and coming to a safe stop.

According to the Daily Mail, the local police said the plane had two experienced pilots on board, and the duo elected to make an emergency landing after observing a fault with the aircraft's engine.

"The expertise of the ultralight pilot meant it avoided landing directly on the highway and, therefore, did not affect the traffic and there were no injuries," a spokesman for the Catalan traffic service told the Daily Mail.

The newspaper reported that the plane was dismantled on the motorway, before being taken back to Barcelona's Sabadell airfield.