Road rage driver tries to run cyclist off the road in Spain


Shocking footage from Spain shows the moment an angry driver tried to run a cyclist off the road, before attempting to knock off his helmet-mounted camera.

The video, which was shot by a British cyclist in Moraira, Spain, sees the two road users enter into an argument.

The driver loses his temper and asks the cyclist if he wants a fight, before trying to snatch the camera from his helmet.

The driver also attempted to run the cyclist off the road with his Nissan Micra, leading the rider, who was on a training camp on the Costa Blanca, to take avoiding action.

"We were on our Spanish training camp earlier last month where on our 'rest day' we came across this extremely angry man who ran us off the road and then proceeded with his angry and violent rant," the cyclist told Newsflare.

"I wanted to share exactly what I have to face on an almost weekly basis both abroad in Spain but also back home around London."