London police force shames bad parker with Twitter picture


Police in London have taken to Twitter to shame a driver who managed an incredible feat of bad parking.

Camden Metropolitan Police Service tweeted the image yesterday, showing what appeared to be a grey Ford Grand C-Max that somehow managed to mount a tall traffic island, while still parking on double yellow lines.

According to the Ham& website, the empty vehicle was found on Rowley Way, South Hampstead.

It is not known how the car ended up in this precarious position, and there appears to be no obvious damage.

The force tweeted the picture with the simple caption "unbelievable". At the time of writing, the tweet had been reposted more than 230 times, and liked by almost 200 people.

Some Twitter users replied with humorous responses, with some expressing a lack of surprise.

Ashley Brown commented: "Sadly, perfectly believable given the general standard of driving in London..."

Susan Freeman, meanwhile, wrote: "Standard London driving hazard."

Others took to using puns about a well-known private hire vehicle organisation, which often uses MPVs such as the C-Max.

"Uber-lievable," commented user Juan Quarter.

Another user, going by the name of Mark P, asked: "Were they under the influence of anything? Or just stupidity?"