Gigantic Canadian car collection up for sale


A collection of more than 340 cars is up for grabs in Canada, with the owner including the classic vehicles in the sale of his five-acre property.

The cars and trucks that make up the collection are in varied condition, but owner Mike Hall, 60, estimates that they are each worth somewhere between $500 and $35,000.

Some of the vehicles that make up the eclectic collection include a restored 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle, a Dodge Coronet, Dodge Super Bee, 1947 Mercury Ute as well as a 1927 Ford Model T.

According to car enthusiast website Jalopnik, Hall began collecting cars when he was 20, and his current collection includes vehicles he found in junkyards, fields, and the internet. While some have been restored, not all are in working order.

Before Hall acquired the property, it was used as a wrecking yard and had been excluded from zoning laws, meaning the cars could be kept in the field as they were – a key reason why he bought the property in the first place.

Now, the former rock scaler is at a point in his life where he knows he won't be able to restore all of the cars in his collection – hence is desire to sell the property.

Hall is asking $1.45 million Canadian for the property, which not only includes the vast car collection, but also a renovated house, a 900-square-foot restoration shop, and a 1,200-square-foot steel building filled with enough steel beams and rafters to construct 8,000 square feet of covered space. The property is located in Tappen, British Columbia.

Gigantic Canadian car collection up for sale

Gigantic Canadian car collection up for sale