Furious Range Rover owner vandalises his own car


An embittered Range Rover owner has dumped his luxurious SUV in the affluent London district of Mayfair, after covering it in graffiti that criticises the British brand.

Dev Bath, 30, paid more than £70,000 for the black Range Rover Sport, and has threatened to burn it live on camera if manufacturer Land Rover fails to sort out its alleged issues.

He ditched the SUV in a Mayfair street on Tuesday, and claims Land Rover has repeatedly asked him to remove the vehicle as it is 'damaging its brand'.

One of the messages Bath left on the car reads: "Be careful, don't buy from Range Rover. I got ripped off. They sold me this junk."

Another reads: "Car not fit for purpose. Range Rover don't care."

Bath, an Indian diplomat, says that a glitch set off warning lights that told him not to drive the car and that he wound up in a stand-off with the dealership over the repairs.

He told the Daily Mail: "The dashboard of this car is like a Christmas tree with all the lights and I want other people to know what a terrible car it is before they buy it.

"I've only had it for 10 months and we've had nothing but problems. We had had it for six weeks when the yellow light first came on saying I had to drive the car for thirty minutes at 50mph.

"No-one told me this when I bought the car. Where can you do that in London? Range Rover haven't done anything to help me so I thought what better place to park it than on Berkley Street in Mayfair?

"I bought it from the [Stratstone of Mayfair] showroom across the road so I thought I'd park it outside. I keep going in and they just tell me it's a legal matter.

"Range Rover has said they will repair the car for free for me, but what they don't understand is that the car isn't registered in the UK so I have to pay £25 per day for parking, £11.50 in congestion tax and hire a car. This in total costs me £1000 so it isn't free.

"If they don't do something in the next few weeks, I will hire a film studio, invite the media and burn it live on camera."

A Land Rover spokesman told the newspaper: "The customer is complaining of a full DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) owing to the urban cycle the vehicle has been used on, which would be the case in any diesel with a DPF.

"There is no fault with the vehicle. Land Rover is trying to work with the customer to bring the situation to a mutually satisfactory conclusion."

Stratstone of Mayfair Land Rover denied the car had been sold by them.