Elderly man holds up traffic on busy London street


Footage has surfaced online of an elderly man holding up traffic in London by standing in front of a bus and demanding to be allowed to board.

It seems the man was demonstrating against the repair works on his local bus stop, which the Daily Mail claims have left him with a half-mile walk to the next one.

The incident, which delayed the 85 service in Putney on Monday, was captured on a camera phone.

The man who shot the video, named as Declan Wyatt, told the London Evening Standard: "Rather than walking up to the bus stop, the man decided to stand in the road and make sure that the 85 bus stopped at this stop, where it was not meant to.

"The driver refused to let him on, and therefore the man protested by standing in front of the bus so it could not move.

"The driver called the police. Traffic was tailed back to the high street and the junction at the South Circular was blocked."

The stand-off was only resolved when the police were called, and the man voluntarily moved to the roadside.