Ford Mustang number 00002 to go under the hammer


A Ford Mustang with the serial number 00002 is set to go under the hammer at Mecum's Indianapolis auction in May.

The 1965 Mustang is powered by a 2.8-litre straight six engine, rather than the iconic V8, and is paired with a three-speed manual gearbox.

While it isn't actually the second Mustang ever produced – as its serial number might suggest – it is the first hard-top version of the iconic pony car to be serialised with a VIN number.

At the time of production, Ford didn't necessarily build cars consecutively by their VIN numbers.

However, this particular car was one of two sent to Canada for display in Ford dealerships in time for the Mustang's official introduction on April 17, 1964.

It was scheduled for early assembly in order to allow time for it to be transported by rail to Brown Brothers Ford in Vancouver, although an unspecified logistical error meant that it wound up at Whitehorse Motors in the Yukon Territory in May – missing the April 17 introduction date.

The car was used by the dealership until it was sold in the spring of 1965. During its time in the showroom, the Mustang was fitted with a block heater in order to help any prospective buyers better cope with the cold weather the Yukon can be known for.

The car is one of a handful of pre-production Mustangs still in existence, adding to its rarity. It was subject to a two-year restoration in order to bring it back to its 1964 condition.

Mecum's Indianapolis event takes place between May 16 and 21. No estimate has been given for how much the Mustang will sell for.

Ford Mustang number 00002 to go under the hammer

Ford Mustang number 00002 to go under the hammer