Enraged cyclist smashes windscreen with bike


This is the horrifying moment a furious cyclist smashed a car windscreen – with his own bike!

Dashcam footage captured the unknown rider arguing with motorist Tracey Leng, 50, as she was driving to see her ill mother at Manchester Royal Infirmary on Mother's Day.

While the video has no audio, the man was upset about Leng allegedly driving into a cycle lane on Hathersage Road in Chorlton-upon-Medlock, which she denies she did.

After getting on his bike and appearing to leave, the man then turns around, picks up his mountain bike and throws it down on Leng's windscreen – causing it to crack – before riding away.

Leng and her husband Peter, 44, attempted to follow the cyclist, but he was able to escape through the hospital site.

Police are now searching for the man and were able to take a swab of his saliva that was left on the car after he spat at it.

Leng told the Daily Mail: "We're still a state of shock about it. We don't know why he was so angry. There was no clear cycle lane and even if there was I definitely wasn't in it.

"He started shouting and swearing but as soon as we told him it was all being caught on the dashcam he totally flipped. We were totally numb after he threw the bike.

"There was a big loud crack, we didn't know if the whole window was going to shatter. It was really frightening, we didn't know what he might do next.

"It completely ruined Mother's Day as we had to cancel a meal and cut short visiting my mum to deal with the police.

"But more importantly my car is off the road now at a time when we really need it to get to the hospital.

"I was just so uncalled-for. I cannot understand why anyone would do something like that."