Driver tries to squeeze car through incredibly small gap


This is the hilarious moment a hapless motorist tries to squeeze her car through a gap that is clearly too small.

Video footage recorded in a car park in Gravesend, Kent, shows the driver of the grey Vauxhall Corsa trying to slot the hatchback between two brick pillars that form part of the car park wall.

While the passage is clearly designed for pedestrian use, the driver perseveres with her efforts.

A heckling onlooker can be heard saying "keep going, mate, you're looking alright" before bursting into a fit of laughter as the Corsa scrapes against the pillar.

Realising that she's made a mistake, the driver then reverses away from the passageway before getting out of her car. The video cuts away at this point, but it is likely that she is about to inspect the damage she has just caused.

According to the Daily Mail, the video was recorded in 2015 but has only just surfaced online.

The footage does contain some coarse language.