Immense riot truck can quash rebellions on sight


There has been a lot of talk in recent years about how police deal with rioters, but there's a new riot truck that's here to solve all that.

Although it's little larger than a civilian digger, the Bozena Riot has an adjustable riot shield that can be widened to provide cover for up to 36 police officers, two water cannons and a high-pressure tear gas gun.

It also has a high-tech cab and can be remotely operated to keep law enforcement officials as safe as possible.

According to the manufacturer, the Riot comes with a low-noise and low-emission engine that's fitted with automatic fire extinguishers, while the suspension is capable of soaking up uneven surfaces to make the barrier as effective as possible.

Other accessories include loudspeakers, protected wide-angle cameras and an optional smoke shell gun.

So if you're planning on starting trouble on your local high street, kettling might be the least of your worries.