Driver stays calm despite windscreen being destroyed


Horrifying dashcam footage from New York state shows the moment a driver miraculously maintains control of his vehicle despite the windscreen being smashed by a huge sheet of ice.

The man from Buffalo was driving down the interstate near Batavia, New York, when the massive lump of frozen snow flew off a passing truck and destroyed his vehicle's windscreen.
According to ViralHog, the man said: "I was driving down the I-90 around Batavia on my way home to Buffalo when ice flew off the top of a tractor trailer, giving me no time to respond. The ice smashed the window up near the roof line."

The unnamed man continued: "If it were a couple of inches lower it would have come through the window and caused serious injury. This was by far the scariest moment in my lifetime, where everything slowed down and I saw my life flash before my eyes."