Police officer attacked after bike chase in shocking video


Police video has captured the horrifying moment an officer was attacked by two half-brothers following a high-speed pursuit in the US.

The dashcam footage shows Michael Barber, 21, trying to evade Michigan State Trooper Garry Guild on a stolen motorbike on US 31 near the Indiana border last month at speeds of up to 92mph.

Barber crashes and Guild goes to arrest him, but Barber puts up a struggle. The video then shows his half-brother, Travis Wise, 19, getting out of a passing car and attacking the police officer, punching and trying to strangle him.

Thankfully, two other motorists saw the incident and came to Guild's aid before the situation got even more out of hand.

According to the Daily Mail, the officer told a court hearing for the two men that he was afraid he was going to die in the altercation, and that Barber had repeatedly reached for his gun holster during the fight.

Guild reportedly suffered a neck injury as well as an injury to a hand after he accidentally shocked himself while trying to taser his two attackers.

Barber and Wise were charged with assault, resisting an officer and attempting to murder a police officer, and could face up to 10 years in jail if found guilty.