Wat-er disaster for reporter!


This is the comical moment that an unwitting TV news reporter was drenched twice in a matter of seconds by passing cars.

While reporting on a housing development in the Norwich village of Costessey, Lauren Hewett was left dripping after motorists speeded through large puddles on the road.

After leaping away from the puddles, she turned around to face the roadside, only to receive a face full of muddy water sent up by a passing yellow van.

Despite all this, though, Hewett managed to see the funny side of her predicament, bursting into fits of laughter.

The shocked reporter can be heard using a number of expletives, though, apparently directed at her cameraman who's clearly amused by it all.

Through her laughter, Hewett can be heard saying: "It's running down my back!"

Perhaps she'll arm herself with a larger umbrella next time.