Stunt driver takes on bobsleigh run in Subaru WRX


A daredevil stunt driver has taken a car down the fearsome bobsleigh run at St Moritz.

Mark Higgins, who has worked as a stunt driver in James Bond films, as well as holding the four-wheel lap record for the Isle of Man TT course, was behind the wheel as the rally-bred Subaru WRX took on the notorious one-mile course.

The video shows the 296bhp car being battered against the snow-packed walls of the course, and at one point the track is so narrow that car has to take to two wheels to get through.

Unsurprisingly, the run caused some damage to the vehicle, including a dent on the bumper and front wing and shards of bodywork being peeled off as the vehicle hit the walls.

Once the run had been completed, Higgins turned the car around and shot back up the course, again spraying the snow as it crashes against the snowbanks.