Lorry loaded with bricks crushes car in China


Shocking footage has emerged from China that shows the moment a lorry, heavily loaded with bricks, tips over onto a passenger car.

A dash cam of a fellow motorist in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, captured the clip, which shows the huge load of bricks tumbling onto the car after the lorry unsuccessfully attempts to overtake it on the right.

It appears that the driver of the silver vehicle swings into the path of the HGV as traffic ahead slows. Unfortunately, the lorry has no choice but to head for a raised bank on the right.

As the lorry mounts the raised kerb, the trailer tips and the unsecured load comes raining down on top of the car to its left.

The lorry driver can be seen getting out of the vehicle immediately to rescue the people trapped in the stricken vehicle.

According to reports from the scene, there were no serious casualties.