Gallery: The 75th Goodwood Members' Meeting


Paul Melbert

The Goodwood Estate in West Sussex might be better known for its annual Festival of Speed and historic Revival event but another carnival of metal is rapidly gaining popularity.

Goodwood owner Lord March reinstated the Members' Meetings in 2014 in an attempt to recreate the atmosphere of the original British Automobile Racing Club Members' Meetings, which were held at the West Sussex race circuit between 1949 and 1966.
There were 71 in total, so with the modern iteration counted, we are now up to the 75th meeting of machines.

The two-day affair, which was held at the weekend, featured a number of races and parade sessions for motorcycles and cars of varying vintage.

It is arguably the only place you'll spot a McLaren F1 GTR (unfortunately crashed this year by owner Nick Mason) rub shoulders with a 1920s Bugatti.

This year's competitions ranged from the Derek Bell Cup for one-litre Formula Three machines, to the Hailwood Trophy for two-stroke 250cc and 350cc Grand Prix motorcycles.

Racing aces in attendance included Robert Ravaglia, Andy Priaux, Rob Huff, Stuart Graham, Gerhard Berger, Tom Kristensen and Mark Blundell, while famous faces could be spotted enjoying the weekend's motorsport.

Take a look at the gallery below:

The 75th Goodwood Members' Meeting

The 75th Goodwood Members' Meeting