'Reckless' pizza delivery driver snapped crossing busy motorway

A brazen pizza delivery driver is lucky to be alive after CCTV caught him pushing his scooter across a busy motorway.

Footage, which was recorded on the M1 between Barnet and Haringey, shows the daring driver wheel his scooter from the central reservation across three lanes of oncoming traffic to the hard shoulder.
Drivers can be seen slamming on their brakes to avoid the foolish delivery driver, who seems to be completely unaware of the danger he is putting himself and others in.

After managing to get himself across the busy motorway, the driver can then be seen continuing down the hard shoulder, before removing his helmet to have a cigarette.

Highways England traffic officers were eventually able to remove the delivery driver from the motorway with the help of police. He was sent on his way without coming to any harm.

The footage was shown as part of the ITV series Britain's Busiest Motorway.

Caner Okanay, Highways England operations manager, said: "It really was incredible watching him just wander across a live motorway, seemingly oblivious to the fact he was crossing the M1 and not a quiet country lane.

"People need to be aware of where they're driving and be responsible for their safety – no one should be stopping in the central reservation of a motorway.

"Fortunately he walked away from this unscathed, but you'll see from the footage that this could have been a very different story."
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