'Maniac' truck driver slides through three lanes of traffic


This is the terrifying moment a huge truck slid across three lanes of traffic after the driver suddenly slammed on the brakes.

The dashcam footage, which was recorded in the Australian city of Sydney by another truck driver, shows the truck-and-trailer speed past a number of cars in the outside lane, before locking its brakes up and sliding across the road into the inside lane.

The trucker who uploaded the footage to the internet commented: "I was driving my heavy vehicle at the time, with my Dash Cam recording another truck driver, driving like a maniac."

Not only does the lead-footed trucker give the dashcam owner a fright, he very nearly takes a number of other motorists' cars out as well.

Coming particularly close to what would have been an horrific accident was the black Toyota Hilux pick-up that was travelling ahead of the truck recording the footage.

The out-of-control lorry can be seen cutting right in front of the Hilux, nearly forcing it completely off the road.

The "maniac" truck driver then speeds off into the distance. The incident allegedly took place on February 23.