'Giant' car dealer seen driving convertible with head above windscreen avoids jail

6ft 7in Adam Elliott at Newcastle Crown Court where he denies driving his Ford Ka in Gateshead and across the Tyne Bridge while standing up.

A 6ft 6in car dealer escaped a jail sentence today after driving a tiny Ford Ka convertible while said to be standing up.

Adam Elliott had earlier admitted dangerous driving after he was seen crossing the Tyne Bridge with his head above the windscreen of the pint-sized motor.

Judge Robert Adams sentenced him to a nine-month jail term, suspended for 18 months, at Newcastle Crown Court this morning. Elliott, 26, from Newcastle, was also hit with a £100 fine and ordered to pay £1,500 in prosecution costs.

In addition, the car dealer was disqualified from driving for two years and will also have to complete 150 hours of rehabilitation activity.

According to The Mirror, the judge told Elliott he was "just persuaded" to suspend the sentence, and said he should grow up.

In court today, Elliott's barrister, Nick Cartmell, said: "It was an act of complete buffoonery. It was an act of extreme foolishness."

Although Elliott pleaded guilty to the charge, he claimed that he was actually sitting down, and that it had only looked like he was standing because his immense height caused his head to stick above the car's windscreen.

He runs car dealership I Buy Any Car North East and said he was en route to deliver the car to a customer.

His now infamous bridge crossing took place in January last year, when he crossed the Felling Bypass in Gateshead before driving over the Tyne Bridge.

The court was told today that Elliott had 69 previous convictions, including 18 offences of driving while uninsured, 13 of driving while banned, dangerous driving, fraud and theft.