Drift champion slides V8 Nissan up a mountain


Trust a Formula D world champion to make drifting up a mountain look incredibly easy.

In a new video posted to YouTube, drifting champion Chris Forsberg gets very sideways as he slides his V8-powered Nissan 370Z up the Onion Valley mountain pass – one of the windiest roads in California.

The pro-drifter effortlessly strings together endless drifts as he passes from hairpin to hairpin, climbing higher and higher up the snow-capped mountain.

With smoke billowing from the Nissan's tyres and its V8 engine constantly on the limiter, Forsberg does well to keep the car firmly under his control – especially considering that some sections of the road aren't even protected by a guard rail.

The fact that Forsberg had no practice runs before scaling the treacherous-looking mountain road only serves to make his drive that much more impressive.