Ballistic Nissan Patrol sets world speed record in Qatar

A highly-modified Nissan Patrol has set a new world record as the fastest SUV across the half-mile, hitting a staggering 206.9mph.

The 4x4 was built by drag racing specialists AAP Performance, who swapped out the Patrol's regular engine for a twin-turbocharged power plant that produces in excess of 2,000bhp.
In a bid to help the Patrol achieve its record-breaking run, all unnecessary parts have been done away with. The interior is stripped out, the headlights have been removed and the front grille has been replaced by a carbon-fibre cover.

During its high-speed run, which can be seen in the video below, the ballistic Patrol was travelling so fast that it managed to blow the side passenger door off.

The world-record sprint was performed in Qatar, a country famous for its love of high-powered performance cars.

Watch the Patrol in action below, but be warned, the video does contain some coarse language.

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