Man who took selfies after paralysing passenger is jailed for 18 months


A man who took selfies with his paralysed passenger after crashing while showing off has been jailed.

Tom Johnson, 21, of Haverhill, Sufflok, was sentenced to 18 months' imprisonment at Cambridge Crown Court after pleading guilty to causing injury by dangerous driving.

The court heard how Johnson had taken a back road when returning home from the pub in the village of Upware, around 10 miles north-east of Cambridge.

Johnson decided to record the journey so he could show off to friends, but his vehicle left the bumpy road and rolled into the undergrowth, seriously injuring his passenger.

Johnson then proceeded to take selfies with the passenger, who was trapped in the vehicle and ended up paralysed from the chest down.

PC Leigh Fenton, said: "Johnson's passenger now lives with first-hand proof of how a vehicle can turn into a lethal weapon when in the wrong hands."